Short-Term Residences

Short-term nursing home residences facilitate a supportive, helpful, and safe atmosphere for elderly patients who need rehabilitation between hospital and home. At St. Luke's Living Center, we consider each of our residents and their loved ones a part of our extended family. Their physical health, emotional well-being, and ability to thrive are our priority. We offer the following services tailored to each individual:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

Most elderly patients are physically limited after experiencing a stroke, fall, seizure, or another illness. At St. Luke's Living Center, we provide certified therapists who assess each resident upon arrival. Then, they work through exercise routines with each patient based on the initial assessment and day-to-day progress. Physical exercises entail leg and arm work, some low-impact balancing exercises, and movements designed to increase blood circulation. The therapist closely monitors and documents the patient's progress so that caretakers and loved ones have a detailed baseline from which to work once at home.

Occupational Therapy
Severe medical events often leave seniors unable to care for themselves post-hospital. In an effort to restore their dignity, ease them back into a comfortable life, and afford them as much independence as possible, we offer our residents occupational therapy.

During each session, an on-site occupational therapist works with a resident on self-care tasks such as feeding, dressing and socializing with others. Additionally, the therapist modifies tasks according to each patient's needs and goals, a feat which is often necessary after a resident has lost some measure of their physical or mental capacity. It is an occupational therapist's job to be each patient's greatest confidence giver and educator. Loved ones are sometimes included in occupational therapy sessions for the chance to learn about their senior's new routines.

Speech therapy
Speech therapy is offered to residents who have suffered from a stroke or an illness that impacts their ability to speak or swallow. Our certified speech therapists work on oral exercises to enhance each patient's vocal and verbal patterns. Some of the exercises are designed to strengthen or flex throat muscles as well. Our speech pathologists are on-site and ready to work with residents whenever necessary.

Returning Home
There is no timeframe for when a resident is transitioned from St. Luke's back to his or her home. Residents return home only when they, along with our specialists and their loved ones, feel that this is an advantageous, safe, and positive step forward. We encourage loved ones to communicate and advocate for their seniors, and we pledge to do that for them as well.

At St. Luke's Living Center, we care deeply for our family. We know you care about yours as well. Let your loved ones become our family members, so that together, we can bring them back to the life they love.