When looking for the best elderly care services for your loved ones, consider St. Luke's Living Center. We will become their home away from home.

Who We Are
Our organization has evolved into one of the best nursing homes in the United States since being founded in 1889. We pride ourselves on employing the best staff members. Aware of your busy schedule, we are here to assist you in caring for your elderly family members.

Skilled Nursing Facility
We offer both short and long-term residences for your loved ones. We have on-site therapists and trained nurses who are well equipped with the necessary skills to deal with any forms of therapy or treatment that our residents may require.

Our Therapists
We offer professional speech therapists to help our residents find their voices again. After traumatic events such as a stroke or seizure, the ability for someone to move their mouth may be compromised. These therapists help them to gain back those abilities.

Physical therapists help our residents recover from various injuries. Whether it is a fall or an extended bed rest, our physical therapists will work diligently to get your loved one back on their feet.

Our occupational therapists are here to help your loved ones gain the skills for daily living.

All of these are available at no extra charge.

Our Nurses
We also have licensed practical nurses (LPN) and certified nursing assistants (CNA) on staff. These nurses are trained in different fields to ensure that your loved one receives all the services we provide.

Our home is also equipped with around the clock registered nurses (RN) on standby in case of any emergency. We also have a social worker always on site to assist with errands. Physicians are also present at our facility to diagnose and treat all medical conditions of our residents. We value the health of all our residents.

Residence & Grounds
Our clients are given special treatments that encourage socialization and stimulation to make them feel at home. This socialization is critical as it not only improves stimulation and social skills, but it also boosts self-confidence and feelings of worth for your loved ones. We have activity directors who schedule facility-wide events. These help foster relationships. We also offer an array of amenities.

When looking for the best nursing home for your loved one, contact St. Luke's Living Center for excellent service.